Sample Report

The following is a Sample Report . The home inspection report will be e-mailed to you by the end of the day. The report contains "Summaries" for your convenience.  When viewing the report, the INDEX and "SUMMARIES" appear first followed by the entire home inspection report. There maybe up to four (4) summaries in your report; A "MAJOR" summary of items that require further evaluation or consideration NOW prior to further commitment. A "PLUMBING" and "ELECTRICAL" summary if necessary and a "MARGINAL" summary of items that will require attention in the future. Large value  items maybe included  in the "Marginal" summary for budgeting purposes if they are nearing the end of their serviceable life, i. e. HVAC, roof, windows etc. The summaries help you prioritize what action you should take now prior to entering the "Purchase and Sale" agreement, and the items that will require your attention or effect your budget in the future.